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HRD has the potential to create scientific international, national and local standards of diagnostic care and move the discourse for medical practice, as it relates to medical diagnostic disease testing, disease staging evaluations, and costs associated with consumption of limited diagnostic resources.

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Rooted in the science of Diagnosimetrics, ARTIS, a patented process, applies a proven method that identifies a disease specific local standard of diagnostic care developed from a sophisticated analysis of your medical center's medical records. Once applied, ARTIS dramatically improves your medical center's diagnostic sensitivity, identifies needless diagnostic resource consumption, and significantly reduces your cost to diagnose human disease.

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Radiation Dose Reduction Profile (RDRP) Contact HRD to measure your medical center's current disease cohort specific Radiation Dose Profile, and how the use of ARTIS would lower your patient radiation burden.

Diagnostic Efficiency Profiles (DEP) In order to succeed in healthcare's "new normal" environment, contact HRD to measure your Diagnostic Effectiveness Profile and Diagnostic Efficiency Profiles.

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May 21-23, 2012 Florida Chapter, Healthcare Financial Management Association Conference in Tampa.

April 27, 2012 Florida Institute of CPA's Healthcare Industry Conference in Orlando

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See the possible savings in dollars and improvement in medical quality documented in our current implementation of ISD systems.


Review the Illness Specific Diagnostic Table (ISD) for the disease cohort DRG 312: Syncope & Collapse. It proved an excellent choice to introduce ISD technology at Florida Hospital Sebring.


Review the seminal paper on the science of Diagnosimetrics, and its method of application presented in Hiroshima, Japan and published in the proceedings of the 10th International Congress of the International Radiation Protection (IRPA-10) Association.

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